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  • Buff Dry Stone

    Buff Dry Stone

    Dry stone walling in buff sandstone

  • Reclaimed Copings

    Reclaimed Copings

    Reclaiming copings for your walling

  • New & Old

    New & Old

    Made from a mix of new & old walling

  • Coping Tops

    Coping Tops

    A finishing product for your walling, available in different styles. See our Projects section for more images

  • Internal


    Internal feature walling

  • Random Cropped Rubble

    Random Cropped Rubble

    Traditional rubble walling chopped to a set bed size, for the traditional cottage look

  • Dry Stone

    Dry Stone

    Traditional dry stone walling, hand sorted from our quarry

  • Through Stone

    Through Stone

    To strengthen your dry stone walling

  • Tumble


    An additional tumbling process after the stone has been cropped allows for easy construction


Many of our walling products are available in sandstone and limestone
Please contact us for more information